Akawaio-English Dictionary


pa conj then, in order to, so that iꞌtunin pe ɨwesi pa so that you are as one knowing him Miyarɨ parɨ kanau akɨ iꞌnawon yaꞌ parɨ. Mɨrɨpan ɨpunwerʉi kon enoꞌma kon pa tuna kaꞌ moroꞌ amʉꞌ aꞌsi kon pa. Carry the boat farther, deeper, in order to cast your nets into the water in order to catch many fish.
pa (var: payan; var: paanon; poss: apaa) n grandchild, both male and female, indirect address dir add: paꞌri .
pa n 1a sweet, a candy Kuyapoꞌ ipa yeꞌ the toucan fruit tree - a tree with small red fruits that are a favorite of toucans 2anything sweet to eat
-pa a denominalizing suffix, meaning to make whatever noun it is attached to sakoropa to make someone vexed Isakoropaꞌpʉ uya. I made him vexed.
paanon var. of pa
paaraipu n a variety of snake
pai (poss: aꞌpai) n 1point Ɨꞌrɨ ꞌpai yau toꞌ nesii? At what point were they? 2stretch along a river 3place along a river
-pai want Utɨnpaiꞌnokon. Let us all go./I want us all to go Ɨutɨpai toꞌ man. They want to go.
paiki (poss: apaikii) n bag, sack, pack
paima n mermaid
paipaiso n (non-possessed) a variety of bird with a loud, high-pitched song
paisima var. of paisin
paisin (var: paisima) n poison
paiwa (poss: apaiwarʉ) n a relatively strong form of the traditional cassava drink
paiwari var. of payawaru
paiwatʉpu n a variety of tree, candlewood tree Euphorbia antisphyllitica
paꞌka vt remove, take out Ipaꞌkaꞌpʉ uya. I removed it.
epaꞌka (der.) vr 1go out 2go outside 3escape
paꞌkanʉkʉ (der.) vt let out
paka n (non-possessed) domesticated cow or bull
pakaꞌ n a variety of small, red bird with white on back and tail, known for its beauty
paꞌkanʉkʉ (der. of paꞌka) vt let someone out from a building Toꞌ uya upaꞌkanʉkʉꞌpʉ. They let me outside.
pakara n 1a small bag used to carry matches on a trip 2a type of bag carried by piyai'ma (a mythical giant) to carry things in 3a type of disease that causes a bag, or inflammation of something under the arm
paꞌkaraka vt scatter
pakira n (non-possessed) a variety of small, wild bush pig
pakirau n (non-possessed) a variety of bird similar to the swallow
paꞌko nom something small Paꞌko pe kanau esi. The boat is small.