Akawaio-English Dictionary


waꞌ (poss: ɨweꞌ) (cf: waꞌseꞌma) n excreta paka weꞌ cow excreta
waꞌ euta large intestine, including the anus, or "feces hole"
waꞌ yen toilet, outhouse or hole for depositing human waste
waainkurai n Adam's apple
waamori var. of wayamori
wai n 1ite palm tree 2the fruit of the ite palm tree
wai n 1throat syn: esen . 2trachea; the windpipe, including the voice box
wai (poss: awaai) (cf: pɨpu 2; cf: rikarika) n a musical instrument important to the Alleluia tradition
wai (poss: awaai) n 1container or any object designed to hold liquid 2calabash
-wai (var: -wʉiꞌ) first person; I, myself; used to show emphasis Kareta yapisipɨꞌwai, Papa. It is really me receiving the paper, God.
waika n 1(non-possessed) coast 2a place of a relatively middle distance away from one
waikanaimɨ n a variety of giant deer
waikaraꞌpɨ (poss: awaikaraꞌpɨɨi) n 1a woven basket or quake 2the pattern of weaving used to make a basket or quake
waiken n a variety of reindeer, savannah deer Cariacus savannarum
waiku (poss: awaikuru) n traditional red cloth worn around the waist by men and older boys syn: kamiꞌsa, saro, kareku .
waimaꞌsa n a variety of plant - What kind?
waimaꞌsa n (non-possessed) a variety of lizard Lacertilia
waime n (non-possessed) millipede
waipa n (non-possessed) a type of round house with thatched roof, indigenous to the Akawayo, usually with one central post syn: tukusipan ; cf: inpɨ 1 .
waira n bush cow syn: kuꞌyunkuꞌyun, kaꞌtaipa, maipuri .
wairaꞌ n penis syn: yun .
wairarimɨ n 1(non-possessed) a variety of large tiger; usually in fictional stories 2lion 3animal with horns, bigger than a cow
wairawoꞌ (cf: akarasa; cf: maipa; cf: kuran; cf: poro) n a variety of fruit tree, waiti
waisoro n (non-possessed) a variety of sparrow; small, black and white, river skimmer Hirundo erythrogaster
waitamera n a variety of bird, swallow puff bird Chelidoptero tenebrosa